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Kenne Bell Supercharger For Sale

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Kenne Bell Supercharger For Sale! I must sell my Kenne Bell Supercharger off my wife's 02 Ford Escape. All parts included, as well as some extras. I don't have pictures of the smaller parts, like the hardware but I can take some upon request. Supercharger is in excellent shape. There is nothing better than blowing the doors off other cars in your escape. They never see it coming. I will take the first $2250 or best offer plus shipping. Like I said all parts included and some extras and I will help the buyer with any install or technical help that I can. I really would like this gone in the next week so please don't wait. These superchargers are very hard to find. I would rather sell it here than Ebay. It was installed on a 2002, but may work on any Escape as I don't think they changed much under the hood. Any questions email [email protected] or call Doug @ (715) 529-4923. Thanks

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Yes as in sold? Or yes as in still available?
Seriously, Z?
It is obvious you did not read the whole thread. You are not conversing with the OP.
This post is now 10 yrs old my friend.

BTW- I will suggest never purchasing performance items that are no longer produced.
Number one, if they stop producing it, it either didn't work… the transmission could not hadle it, or they were prone to failure.
Much less the fact that you would not be able to get any replacement parts.

While V8 Kenne Bell is generally quality, if it had still been functional or even worth a hoot, it probably would not have been removed.

everyone I have read about that removed them, has given some BS/lame excuse for doing so.
*I sold the car
*I gave the car to my son
*My wife didn't like it
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