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Keyless entry systems vulnerable to high-tech car thieves

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Check out this article I found on Yahoo... noticed the Ford key for the picture...
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Good little article. Its sheds some light to a bigger picture of; Anything can be hacked. NOT just some, but any. It just takes time and effort to say the least. Anything from military grade down to petty electronics; encrypted or not. The only real deterrent is situational awareness.
:yes: True, technically possible, but improbable; but possible non the less. But there are other simpler things that just dont occur either, that well should if one had the mad driven desire to do it. In Iraq I have seen and heard of the weirdest but simplest electonics that the insurgents have made, out of nothing. Also another example, my college teach showed the class this ATM PIN decoder that you can get someones ATM pin with a AM radio tuned down to lower frequency, DTMF decoder, and other stuff (he didnt tell us the full ingredents, but Im sure one could figure it out.)

One that made the news on Dateline ,I think it was ,is wireless router hacking. All that was needed was a make shift antenna, a computer and a car. The car was used to drive up and down streets to find a victim with little or no router protection and BAM key stroke logging was set. From there it was history, the hacker got several people. Then blah blah blah the news guy interviewed the "victims" and the "hacker" explained to the victim what to do to avoid this in the future.

To do what the article states, one would suspect you would need antenna that is cut (made) to the approximate range of the active frequency, spectrum analyzer to pin point the correct frequency, a hacker to break the encyption. And thats off the top of the head. Now there are more specifics but Ill just stop there for obvious reasons.

Anything could happen. People just need to have awarness.
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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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