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This is known as ' spinning a yarn ' . It is our way down under of having fun, but no harm is intended by it. I sourced this from a web site. It was submitted by a bloke, who has the first name of Klaus.

" I made up this story to my sister in law in Germany, and she took it hook line and sinker."

" Vick Vaporub ", the cold medicine is basically Koala bear fat. See, all the eucalyptus leaves they eat, are full of eucalyptus (gum ) oil, and the koalas store that in their body fat.

Professional Koala hunters pick the big ones, shoot them and skin them, scrape the fat of their skins, render it down and bingo, there you have 'VICKS VAPORUB'. :hyst:

Till today, she doesn't know that i had her on big time!. :lol: :lol:
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