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For MANY years now, I've been offering FREE CHICKENWINGS to any Escape (et. al.) owner, who trekked out to the area, at Hard Times Cafe, Herndon, VA, every Wednesday at 7:00 PM - and I've only been taken up on this offer maybe a dozen tiimes.

see below:

Herndon Hard Times has lost their lease !


Yep, unfortunately after 16 wonderful years in business Herndon Hard Times Cafe will be closing this weekend because we were unable to renew our lease. We want to thank all of our customers who have supported us over the years. Please continue to enjoy Hard Times at our other 14 area locations. So, good bye from Herndon, stop in the next day or two to say good-bye and enjoy one last Chili Mac.

Come say good bye to a Herndon legend !

So thanks again for your support and hope to see you one more time. Look for us opening a new store in the area in the near future. We'll keep you posted at

Jennifer Smillie - General Manager
Hard Times Cafe Herndon, VA
428 Elden Street
Herndon, Virginia 20170
(703) 318-8941

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Awww, it's the end of an era and I never got to be part of it. :cry:
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