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hey.. so how's it going guys & gals? its been a while since I was here last... figured I'd show you guys the latest addition.. even though its not really new, its a been about 6 mos since i installed this. overall it took me and a buddy 3 hours to install. so, here it is, Roadwire Leather kit, black body with silver perforated inserts

close up of the seat inserts

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i'll post some more pics a little later, the sun was @ its highest and my car was parked in direct sun so i couldnt get very good pics of the entire seats. plus, my truck is filthy on the interior. clothes and kids toys & other random amps & crap laying on the floor as i just finished installing a radio when those pics were taken. as far as Katzkin goes, its splitting hairs in my opinion. however, katzkin does have some pretty outlandish design capabilities. Also, most kits you buy, unless specified at the time of purchase will be made as follows:
front seats will have full leather faces, sides and backing will be vinyl
rear seats will have leather inserts only, rest of body is vinyl and backing is carpetted(in most cases)

some companies have a deluxe kit, which means the rear seats have full leather faces instead of just the insert. the backing will be carpetted and sides will be vinyl same as all other kits.
and in my personal and professional expierences working @ street styles... you'd never know the difference. faux leather(vinyl) seats feel just as good if not better than real leather. and in most cases, is actually cheaper. I paid slightly over wholesale for mine b/c of my contacts in the aftermarket industry. but, if i'm not mistaken retail was about $750 for our kits, for a standard 4door vehicle with 2 rows of seating.
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