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LED's for Escape turn signals

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HI all, just got my '09 XLT last nite. I LOVE this thing...! I was wondering if anybody could help with a few questions...

1. Do the Escapes use an electronic turn signal flasher?
2. Where the HECK is it?
3. Can I use LED bulbs like those from
4. Are there other/better LED's one could use?

Thanks for any help for the 'New' guy.. ;)

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Welcome to E-C, Laurie! And check your mail for a check, Dave.


There's no turn signal flasher in any E/M/T since the 2005 model year (2001 to 2004 Escapes and Tributes have a separate flasher). Turn signals (and most other exterior lamps) are controlled by the Smart Junction Box.

LED retrofits will cause the signals to flash much faster, since they draw so much less current that the SJB thinks that a bulb is "burned out". Also, most LED retrofits are still pretty weak in aiming any light in the area of the car's lamp housing reflector, so the result is actually dimmer total light output. Personally, I'd stay away from LED bulb replacements for tail lamps and signals, but that's just me.

One thing that I've been thinking about trying is the LED lamp unit that Ford developed for the Taurus X and 2006+ Mercury Mountaineers. It appears to fit in place of most newer Ford stop/tail lamp sockets, but I can't verify that. It directs almost all of its light toward the reflector, it's extremely bright, and the dimmer "tail" function internally pulses the LEDs, making them very noticeable at night.
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Well, here's an update about the LED module used by Ford in the 2006+ Mountaineer, the 2008+ Taurus X and Sable, and now the 2010 Mustang (with really cool sequential signals, standard).

The module is actually an OEM part manufactured for Ford by Osram/Sylvania, called the "L1224R". It will NOT fit the same openings as most Ford stop(/turn) lamps, even though it looks very similar. The collar is about 1/4" smaller in diameter.

The L1224R also uses a different connector from Ford's standard stop(/turn) lamp socket. There's a wiring harness used in the Taurus X that includes the connector, and I've seen it cost around $20. I don't have the part number yet.

Here's a Ranger owner who hollowed out the inside of a Ford stop lamp socket, removed the tabs on the L1224R module, and glued the stop lamp socket "ring" to the now-smooth collar on the L1224R. ... e-1-a.html

His cardomain page:

Here's another Ranger application: ... using.html

And here's a really ambitious molding technique for the socket (which uses the similar L1230R module that GM uses in the new Malibu):

Since the 2005+ Escape (and my Edge and Fusion) all use the Smart Junction Box to flash signals, additional resistors are also needed to prevent the burned-out-bulb fast flashing that the LEDs will generate.
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