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LED's for Escape turn signals

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HI all, just got my '09 XLT last nite. I LOVE this thing...! I was wondering if anybody could help with a few questions...

1. Do the Escapes use an electronic turn signal flasher?
2. Where the HECK is it?
3. Can I use LED bulbs like those from
4. Are there other/better LED's one could use?

Thanks for any help for the 'New' guy.. ;)

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Hey JP,
I e-mailed my local dealership a few weeks ago asking whether that kind of swap could be done, and the service manager said 'probably not' since you would need to buy a resistor. I guess, if one is really good with electrical stuff, he or she might be able to get it done. I think it would look pretty sweet; I'm banking on the Taurus X (my mom has one on corporate lease right now, lights are cool, the rest of the car is questionable) LED bulb swap or some cool aftermarket set-up that is somewhat legitimate and good-looking.
Basically... no luck. Bummer. Guess I'll stick with my LED bar project.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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