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Left wheel bearing - again?

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About 20k miles ago I changed out both front bearings because the left side was making noise. Starting to hear some bad noise from the left front again. Only 82,000 on the odometer.
When I ran a Google search on the subject it came up with dozens and dozens of early wheel bearing failures. I wonder how many of you had replaced yours before the clock hit 100,000. I've owned several front wheel drive vehicles and never had one eat up bearings like this.
I wonder if the steering knuckle is deformed? Maybe Ford made some malformed parts? From what I have read on other sites the drivers side went bad on all of them. Usually the right side goes first because of the potholes, water, dirt and hitting curbs.
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Just wondering what does it sound like when teh bearings are going bad? I didnt buy my escape new soI dont have anything to campare it too. i have heard that escapes are loud(wind, tires etc) and it is louder than my old subaru. I cant tell if it is just the tires or if it si the way esacpes are. No big deal to me a long as is not the bearings.
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