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Lest us Remember................

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Today has been a painfull day for many people all over the globe.
Memories of this date will stay with everbody for a long time to come, for a variety of reasons, be it they knew someone involved, or were there.
I would like to think that the lack of a forum, here today, was out of respect, and I'm sure that you guys feel the same...

On a personnal note, today would have been my second son's first birthday.
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It was a busy, chaotic day for everyone, escpecially those involved in public safety. I was eventually sent to Shanksville after United 93 went down, for a 'rescue' mission. Most of the personel had reached the crater before the state police began to treat it as a crime scene and the feds began to trickle in.

I will never forget that day, and hope I will never have to re-live it.

Although I remember all involved in the tragedies, I always find a way to honor the 37 EMT/Medics who perished.
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