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so im posting this on my soon to be windows free computer. i downloaded ubuntu and installed it on my second hard drive, and booted it up, so far so good. after about a week or so, i plan on formatting my other hard drive, and then i will be 100% windows free on my desk top.
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Scottie, I downloaded Ubuntu from IU, of all places!

I plan on installing it on an empty 20GB partition on this drive, along with Windows 2000 on another 20GB partition. I need to test browser compatibilities.

Aren't 500GB drives great?
Exactly. MS needs competition. I'm still not wild about Vista, which I have only on my newest laptop.

Browser compatibility is a nightmare. Just programming a simple web page using all CSS components sometimes requires different CSS files for each browser. I find that CSS margins and padding always require tweaks.

So having multiple OSs and browsers is almost mandatory if you do any kind of web programming.
Firefox 3's "Smart Bar" (or whatever it is that they call it) really annoys me. I'd rather have the history back, or at least an option to let me decide how I want to use it. And Firefox 3 didn't get along 100% with any version of Flash until Adobe brought out a new version a few months ago.

At least you can still download Firefox I have both installed (along with Opera, Safari, and Chrome) so that I can test programming compatibility, but I still usually use IE for general browsing.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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