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"Local Hero" 25th anniversary

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This week marks the 25th anniversary of the film "Local Hero", made by Warner Brothers, starring Burt Lancaster.
Why post this, I here you say, well, it's because all the beach scenes from this film were done at Camusdarrach, of course, and since our family owned the beach ( Not Fulton Mackay, as in the film :lol: ), we did very well out of it :yahoo: :)P :)P :)P
Indeed, the film paid for the construction of our holiday home!!!

Anyhow, sit back, and enjoy the film, if you can :yes:
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Genius, pure genius! :angel:
I used to like Scotch...

Now I love the stuff! :peace: But not going there now, gotta go to work soon. No drinkie poo before that! :shrug:
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