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Looking for a How to Video to charge Escape Hybrid battery.

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I saw video how someone charged the Hybrid battery with a LED charger HLG 120h c350b. It did not show where to connect the leads and for how long.
Can anyone shed some light?
Or give link of thread or proper youtube video?
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Thanks this is totally what I was looking for.

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Follow the directions precisely, especially in terms of how to route the charging cable.
NOTE: This procedure just got FAR easier. It was discovered there are vestigial jump start connectors located on the large cable on the drivers side of the HVTB to attach the "jump start" cable to. It is no longer necessary to attach the "jump start" cable to the relay. This obviates the necessity of removing the computer and relay. That saves a lot of time and some aggravation.

The large cable on the driver's side I am referring to is clearly depicted in photograph #2 in the original post. It's on the right side of the HVTB wrapped in gray foam.
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