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I have some parts left over from a recent engine rebuild and stuff laying around.

A connecting rod fastener failed causing it to break loose and punch a hole in the block.

V6 Engine Parts:
Complete top end (heads, rockers, camshafts and valve covers) - Make offer
Front cover with tensioner - Make offer
Chains, lower sprockets, hydraulic tensioners, chain guides - Make offer
Assorted nuts and bolts - Free I guess. Let me know what you need
Damper - $30
Coil pack (Used but known to be good) - $10 each
Oil pump (45000 miles on it) $30
Oil pan - $50
Set of piston and connecting rod (45000 miles on them) $50 each
Injectors - 16lb (should be cleaned since they came from a used engine) $10 each
If you see something else you need in the pictures, let me know.

4 Cyl Engine Parts:
Full set of engine mounts. Bought by mistake - make offer
Alternator for 2,3 L Engine. Again, bought by mistake - make offer

Kenne Bell Supercharger:
1.5L SC for 01-04 Escapes and Tributes. It's being sold for $2500 shipped. Add 50 to 60 HP at the wheels in an afternoon. All necessary hardware and literature included.

Full XLT Center Console. The lid leather needs to be redone. If you are converting from a XLS, you need the XLT handbreak mount.

I will continue to add stuff here. I still have a couple of more boxes to look at.

Everything ships from San Juan, PR

Visit this webpage for pictures and more details:

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check you PM's i will take 3 coils.
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