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You may know me from the audio subforums as I spend most of my time on E-C there helping out who I can.

I have collected a huge amount of audio gear and I need to purge some of it. If any of this equipment interests you, just post here or in PM and let me know what I can do for you. If you don't know what some of the gear is, I'll be happy to explain it and make sure it suits your needs. I also guarantee all the sold items I have against "Dead on Arrival" situations, all I ask is that you help ship it back to me so I can issue a refund. I deal almost exclusively with Paypal, given the relative security and peace of mind it gives both the seller and the buyer. Without further ado:

--- --- ---

TREO RSX 1900 - 1000w monoblock amp

* 1000W RMS @ 1ohm / 520W RMS @ 2ohm
* Can be mated with another RSX1900 and push 2000W RMS in a master/servant setup
* <1% tolerance components, "Mil-Spec" PCB
* It is very small for a 1000W amp!

Mine is in 9.5/10 to 10/10 condition, and I have the original box.

Here is TREO's pdf of these amps.

Here's one of my gut shots:
This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 720x480.

$200 shipped


--- --- ---

Pioneer PRS-D4100F (x2) - 4ch ICEpower amp

* Got a pair of these, if you need it.
* ICEpower, extremely efficient with great sound quality, Bang & Olufsen's technology
* 75W RMS x 4 / 300W RMS x 2
* CEA-2006 compliant ratings
* Tiny.

Pioneer's link:
Pioneer USA - PRS-D4100F - Premier™ PRS-Series 4-Channel Full-Range Class FD Amplifier
Pioneer's pdf of the manual: units suffer slight discoloration in the powdercoat, and have a small amount of corrosion on the copper terminals, most which I have cleaned and restored. I used Meguiar's polish on the metal and got 90% of the discoloration out, making them pretty darn good looking. The aluminum plate is perfect, as are the sides, the lighting, all that. These were refurbs straight from Pioneer, fine amps.

Amp 1

Amp 2

$160 each shipped, $300 for the pair shipped

--- --- ---

Phoenix Gold RSd 1200.1 - 1200w monoblock amp

* 1200W @ 2ohms / 775W @ 4ohms (slightly underrated)
* CEA-2006 compliant
* Class D
* Triple-Darlington power supply, etc. (same guy who designed previous PG's designed these)

Phoenix Gold RSd 500.4 - A/B 85w x 4 amp

* Similar to the RSd1200.1's feature set, but it is a class A/B amp.

For both PG amps

I've used my PG RSd amps for a while, they've been absolutely great. They are BIG amps, which doesn't suit my builds I'm working on now. Otherwise I'd keep them for sure. I have had them in a false floor build, they never get too hot, they never falter. I have the original box and manuals for both amps.

Mine are in pretty good condition. I think I see just a few small hairline scuffs on the anodized black finish. I'd say 9/10 on both, conservatively.

These are hot-ticket items on eBay, so to remain competitive I'm going to say (and these prices are totally negotiable because I know there are some killer deals here and there, and I want to be fair to those deals):


$180 shipped for the RSd1200.1
$125 shipped for the RSd500.4

OR the set for $290.

--- --- ---

Rock USA RA2.55 - 2ch amp

* A ZED! RARE as hen's teeth, from 1997! Picked it up from Jake at Cadence,
* It is awesome! I will miss it.
* 70W RMS x 2 / 180W x 1 (underrated I would guess by the sound I've heard from it)
* Full active ability, up to 4KHz

Rock USA RA4.55 - 4ch amp

* Also a Zed! Also rare, a perfect match for the 2ch to make a KILLER 3-way setup perhaps.
* 55W RMS x 4 / 160W RMS x 2 (I would suspect also underrated a bit)
* Also fully active-capable up to 4KHz

Pics (and remember, I have tons more of these beauts

Celestion AVP305
I have for sale a full set of Celestion satellite speakers. This includes 4 identical satellites, and one matching center channel. This system is in excellent condition, and will make a fantastic surround sound setup for someone. I did not buy the sub they come packaged with, instead I used a 10" Polk with excellent results. I recommend a quality PE Dayton 8, 10, or 12" sub to suit the room.

Retails for around $900 new (including a weak 8" small sub), I'm selling these for a tiny fraction including shipping. I have the original box and packaging, so they will arrive safe and sound in a ton of properly-formed foam.

Below is a Celestion brochure link to show you what these look like, and how they can be customized. Celestion is big in the U.K. but not extremely well known in the U.S.

Here is a review of them back when they first came out:

Sound & Vision Magazine - 6 Easy Pieces
Please keep in mind that my set did not come with the grilles as described in this review, but otherwise they are identical. I believe it was an option when buying them.

Also note that a lot of criticism was placed on the sub in their review. This is why I didn't buy the one that is packaged, and instead picked one much more suitable.

Klipsch RC-25 Center channel

It is a used great condition Klipsch RC-25 center channel, which is timbre-matched to all other Klipsch speakers with the Tractrix horn design. The RC-25 has 5 1/4" woofers in a MTM design, and has proven to be a good performer.

Misc. Passive Crossovers - Diamond, Alpine, Kenwood, Pioneer

* Name your price, I have no immediate use for these so just hollar if you want any of them
* Pioneer TS-C520PRS (new), Diamond Audio M5 (used), Kenwood eXcelon XR-S17P (new), and Alpine SPX-177R (the last gen models, used and missing top covers)

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OK, the TREO amp, RSd amps, the Diamond crossovers, and the Celestion speakers are all sold.

Still got the Pioneer amps, the Rocks, some more crossovers, and the Klipsch center channel.

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OK, sold one of the Pioneers, still have one of those though. Also have the Klipsch, crossovers, and Rock amps.
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