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Loud screeching noise when accelerating then abrupty stops ?

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Hi All -
Just noticed that there is a very loud high pitched screeching noise when starting out from a stop (when truck has either been sitting at a store for a little bit or in the morning when its cold from overnite). The weird thing is it only happens when accelerating (no brakes) and definitely from under the hood but it abruptly stops / silences after about 5 seconds. And it doesn't happen every single time, its random when accelerating and usually the first heavy acceleration after the engine has been started. No idea what this could be. Any ideas? Thanx in advance for any help! I have a 2002 Ford Escape XLT 3.0L Vortec.
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Squishy said:
Sounds like a slipping belt. When is the last time you replaced your accessory belt?
I finally got around to looking into the screeching a little more. I bought some STP belt dressing and sprayed a generous amount on both the serpentine belt on the passenger side of engine and also on the driver side belt (is this the accessory belt?). I took it for a spin and it still screeches for a few seconds when under acceleration stress. Unless I'm mistaken, I think its coming from the driver side as I can hear it pretty good when driving. Any more ideas? Maybe spray more dressing on? I'm assuming I CAN spray too much on and don't want to make it slip. I'd like to figure this out myself though instead of taking to the dealer and getting ripped off.

On my 2002 Escape, can the accessory belt possibly be worn out already at 70k? I'm assuming the accessory belt is the one on the driver side?
Squishy said:
The accessory belt is on the passenger side, the water pump belt is on the driver's side. Take the engine cover off so you can reach the throttle body pivot, and rev the engine while cold to see if it will produce the noise. Watch the top of the belts to see if they momentarily stop spinning.
I'll try that. I can barely reach the throttle pivot to rev engine w/o taking the cover off. I can try this tomorrow and I'll watch the belt. It may be the water pump belt and/or water pump itself then?
Squishy said:
It could be a bad water pump bearing or the belt itself. Does your engine have a water pump belt tensioner? The engines with one will have three pulleys on the driver's side.
I'll have to look for 3 pulleys on the water pump. The engine does not overheat though, so can I assume the water pump is fine? I think the water pump and/or belt is where the loud screech is coming from. Is it difficult for me to replace the water pump belt myself? I am mechanically inclined and like semi challenging projects that don't take alot of time LOL (I have two young kids who don't let me out of their sight for more than 5 minutes before....DADDY DADDY DADDY!)
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