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I currently have two torches by model designation of " Maglite". One of them is a five cell, and the other torch a six cell. Have owned them for about 15 years by now. There was a time when i was not aware they existed on the market. My decision to purchase this particular model was influenced by a relation. Used to own torches purchased from supermarkets, and they were cheap and nasty.

The relation as in brother was highly amused. What have you got there? He then commented something to the effect of " That's not a torch! You need a real torch. I'll show you what a proper torch is. Check this out" My smile was consistent as he demonstrated the functionality and quality of his " Maglite". Adjustable focus for spot and wide beam. Globe can be changed over for something with more performance.

The weight and balance felt comfortable. Overall build quality is pleasing. The length of light beam on a dark night is acceptable. Obviously not the power of flood lights but for a torch it is impressive. To summarise my brother influenced the decision to purchase this quality built product. I also acquired a mini maglite.

Have no regrets in context of this model. During those 15 years no componentry has been replaced. Obviously batterys are changed for new when they are flat. The life span of globes is acceptable. My other influence is that some emergency services down under use ' Maglites'. Reliability and quality would be the important criteria. :) :thumb:

Lost the mini maglite recently. Will purchase a little compact maglite for versatility. The mini version is quite practical, as women might find the large six cell models a tad heavy and cumbersome. I found the little mag just the trick for use in the car. Fits anywhere. In your pocket or within console or glove box. :)
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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