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Make your grill for less than $10!!! (and a NICE look!)

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Hi, Im new to this forum and I don't know if it have been posted before. I made it and it looks so cool that I want to share the idea with you. Ok, you need to buy a Edge Guard Door Protector (it's better to use the "U" shape protector). I found mine in AutoZone for about $10...and its a 18ft long, so it's enought. They sell it in chrome, black and clear; obviously, I chose chrome. The idea is to cut little pieces of that guard to fit in the horizontal lines of the stock escape grille (01-07)...The guard have inside-silicone, so it fit and stick. Here are some pics:

I hope you like it ;)
BTW, I just stick it on horizontal lines, if anyone wanna stick it in the entire grill (horizontal and diagonal lines), please post pics...thanks

Last thing, here is my 2004 escape before (stock) and after (grill, bullguard, headlights etc...), as you see, the bull guard have the edge guard too :p

Back guard and tinted tail lights (another cheaper way to have a nice look :D)
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Very nice. So you just cut it into small pieces and stuck it inside the little slots? Seems simple enough, just might have to do that for Ean! :thumb:
Thanks...Yeah, it takes time, but it's easy...Later, I wanna paint the grill Metalic Black, so I will remove it, paint the grill and stick it again. The idea is to make it look "in the air" stock grill plastic is old and know what Im talking about. (sorry, my english is not good).
Your pic looks allot like my escape!
debating on doing this! It came out nice!
What a unique idea! :) Looks real good!! :thumb:

Welcome to the City!! :welcome:
I find that mod both subtle and pretty cool. I didn't notice it after looking three or four times. Sweet job! I just bought some edge protector for my doors and trunk... merely a precaution and also a protectant for a future (to be restored) mod...

I could use those bull guards... front and rear.
Hello pablo!.
Thanks for the photos.
Those protective chrome bars look quite snazzy.

The front and rear of escape look neat.
I like the chrome bar, for rear of your escape. :shades: :thumb:
Thanks people!...I hope someone post new pics of different ways to stick the chrome to the can try this: horizontal (like me), horizontal + diagonal (i think it will be very saturated, but try it)...and only diagonal. Also you can play new designs like "names", draws, etc...I will paint the grill black (without the chrome, obviously)...this will stand out the chrome more than now.
What did you cut the edging with for your grill? Ps stock sound system is awesome if you add a set of 2 12 subs lovin it
When I did it for my doors and liftgate, I used a large wirecutter. The big ones. Not sure what the exact term for it is.
Tang gave me the idea to put "EAN" in the grill :D So going to do it!
Thanks for the idea Pablo. :beer: Just did this mod myself. Will have to post pics. It came out really good
Very nice mod Pablo!!!

Cheap, simple, easy and unique. A+
Orale Pablo!! Pretty cool idea. Now tell me about that bull bar you have there. Never seen one like that before. :shock:
where is the bull bar/guards from?
Hi cool idea, I was looking at the headlight change you made on your 2004 Escape, I have a 2002 Escape and was wanting to change out the originals with the ones that came in the newer Escapes.i was wanting to use the ones from 2005 or 2006. What year are the ones you put in yours? Where they after market or factory? Thanks
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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