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Maverick / Escape / Tribute accessories

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Finally found a supplier of accessories for the Maverick etc based in Great Britain. :yahoo: :yahoo:

Has given me a few ideas ;) , but the prices seem a tad high :doh:
What do you guy's think???
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Found that place a year or so back. Seems waaaay expensive, even for the U.K! :D
Thats what I thought, especially the price of the A bars, I wonder if the Maverick / Terrano A bars fit our cars, with a bit of modification?
I doubt it. Best bet is to keep an eye on eBay. Regardless of whether it's your thing or not, I picked up my front skid plate for not much, I got my side bars for £125, rather than the £615 Ford wanted, and I've seen some other bits go over the years. Just a shame that 99% of stuff listed for Mavericks is for the gen 1 & 2 Mavs. Means you've gotta filter through the dross. :mad:
eBay seems to throw up some gems now and again, have you seen the Maverick that is being dismantled in Newcastle yet, have emailed him twice about parts, but still no response....
Also bid on the A bar for sale in Sheffield, but got outbid at the last moment :doh:
Found some clear side indicators, though at buy it now of £4.99, they should be in the post as we speak!! ;) :blush:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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