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MAXXIS Highway Tires

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Sorry about the delay on new tire photos. Yes, you are correct Brent. I am quite pleased with them. If the raised lettering is a bit hard to see, i suppose most members will have zoom in software. Had to stand a long distance away, because i still have the Nikon telescopic zoom lens on.

Once again i used my " Velbon" tripod to keep camera steady. These " MAXXIS " highway tires are very comfortable. They have accurate enough road handling, plus i am enjoying how quiet they are. The size of tire i am using is 215/70 R16. I have good feedback through the steering wheel. The feel is precise. There is definitely, no vagueness or delay in response. Have to admit ,that i am rather impressed with them.
:) :thumb: :happy: :shades:

P.S. just a wee tad afterthought. I just love raised lettering on car tires. :happy: :drool: :lol:

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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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