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mazda tribtue engine change!!

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Dear All,

i am new to the forum, i have a 2002 mazda tribute, i blew up the engine last week, i need to replace it.

can i replace it with 2006-up ford escape, tributes engines or only 2005-below engines?

and if i can replace the engine with newer engines, what is the modifications i have to do to my 2002 tribute.

waiting for your urgent help!!
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You need to stick to an Escape or Tribute engine 01-04. The 05 up engines use a different ECU and wiring harness.

The engine is stupid easy to swap. No need to remove the transmission or drive shafts.

The hardest thing to do is to remove the alternator and the front headers. No need to remove the rear headers for removal or installation.
bhautobacs said:
Thank you for your help, i really wanted to put 05-up engine, but i think i will have to stick with 01-04 engines!

its too hard to find one where i live. i am the only one who owns a mazda tribute in my country!

there is a few ford escapes, but to find an engine, this is hard job
There is a possibility that you can use a newer engine, but you would have to swap sensors and the wiring harness
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