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mazda tribtue engine change!!

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Dear All,

i am new to the forum, i have a 2002 mazda tribute, i blew up the engine last week, i need to replace it.

can i replace it with 2006-up ford escape, tributes engines or only 2005-below engines?

and if i can replace the engine with newer engines, what is the modifications i have to do to my 2002 tribute.

waiting for your urgent help!!
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My car is a V6, and i hared the 2006-up engine got are litle bit different.
Thank you for your help, i really wanted to put 05-up engine, but i think i will have to stick with 01-04 engines!

its too hard to find one where i live. i am the only one who owns a mazda tribute in my country!

there is a few ford escapes, but to find an engine, this is hard job
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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