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MAZDA TRIBUTE 2004 BROWNISH side molding paint code?

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Hey guys... some moron touched me on the side and I am having trouble looking up the code? I went through with a fine tooth comb and I can't seem to find it.

can anyone help? I want to pick up the paint this after noon thx
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Check the sticker on the driverside door jamb. There should be a trim color code listed on the sticker. Dealer would know also, there were only a couple of trim colors. :peace:
i checked.. they only have tire pressure, nothing about paint.

but thanks for the speedy response!
Can you take a picture of the sticker on the door jamb? If Ford puts the same sticker on the Tribute, I should be able to get the paint codes from it.

thanks for all of your help.

this scratch is driving me insane thx
anyone?....the scratch is starring me in the eye every time i look out the window.

anyone? sorry for triple posting? want to get rid of this! :fan:
No problem!

The only thing that I can find from the sticker is the main paint code. Code UA is Mystic Black. There's no trim designation on the sticker.

I found a Dupont color chart that shows several colors for the cladding.

I also found a Sherwin-Williams color guide. It lists four colors for the cladding on page 18. My guess is that you have Mineral Gray Metallic for the cladding, but take a look: ... orBook.pdf

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you know what.. my color looks like the color another black explorer has with the same trim color.

mine is a goldish trimish color...

I will post more pictures of my car.

thank you so much so far man... i hate that scratch and i want to close it up before the salt gets in there
No problem!


Ford's lower beige Explorer color has always been Arizona Beige. Ford's code for it is AQ.

It's very common, so you should be able to find it at any Advance Auto or Pep Boys.
thank you again... i uploaded a new picture that is not my exact car.. but it is the exact color.

do you think that is arizona beige?
It sure looks like it when I compare it to the Dupont PDF in the previous thread. But I can't guarantee it.

Although I can't find it anywhere, I vaguely remember hearing that Mazda's cladding was Mineral Gray, which did have a tan-brown color to it.

I tried to find a 2004 Tribute order guide on the internets, but I could only spend a few minutes looking today. No luck so far...
can i say you are simply amazing... you are so nice and so kind.

and I love coming to your site.

you are so friendly with everyone and you try your best.

I am very grateful.

thank you
You're very welcome. I'm happy to help!

:blush: :thumb:
does anyone know? im dieing here

Sorry for the big pics, just giving you an idea of the color of my moldings to see if they are the same as yours.

I gave Mazda Australia a call today for you today. They typed in my VIN and said it's called Moonlight Grey

He didn't have a paint code however. Hope this helps :beer:
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this looks vvery promising !!! would it help if i post my vin?

i dont understand y it isn't easier for us to find out.. does ford keep it a secret

thanks again
Read this article, just above the "comfort" paragraph: ... ibute-1261

Ford uses Mineral Gray cladding with Black paint on many other models.

So, I'd guess Mineral Gray now. Ford's paint code is TK for that. It's also the only two-character paint code that Mazda lists in their bumper and cladding colors for 2004.

See if your local Pep Boys or Advance Auto has Ford's Mineral Gray TK in a touch-up bottle. You can always take it out to the parking lot to see if it's a match, then return it right away if it isn't.

this is why THIS IS MY SITE! i don't go anywhere else for my tribute needs.

you guys are great thanks! :wave:
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