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Mazda Tribute sales numbers.

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Mazda sales of the Tribute have increased significantly over the past year. I found this posted on BON (Blue Oval News).

"Mazda's Tribute (aka Escape) sales surged 245% to 1,386 units. Thats more than the Miata and RX-8 combined."

I beleive that's the sales for the month of February 08. March was better, but no numbers were given.
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That's surprising, I've only seen one on the road since it's debut. Mazda is in more trouble then I thought. The dealer where I bought mine just went out of business.
Must be the location or the dealership. :shrug: We were given the red carpet treatment here. Far better service than my brother gets at his Lexus dealership. And they are supposedly the standard of automotive customer satisfaction surveys.

It's actually a family business. Two brothers took over from their Dad, and have had two stores open in the area. One here in Hurst and another in Arlington about 10-15 minutes away. Both have good service and plenty of personnel. :yes:
Oh, the Mazda dealership went out of business, but he still has a Jeep dealership and that's where I get all my service.They're great people just weren't selling any Mazdas.
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