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My apology for the, " Subject Title " of this message. :lol:
Introducing my , " SONY XR200V " little movie cam -corder. :heart:
It was in a display cabinet, inducing me with an irresistible allure. :whistle: :shades:

There is no battery on rear, because i was excited.
My batteries slot on to, that rear section
It is easy to charge up.

I have taken a lot of movie clips.
There are still plenty of functions, i am learning about.
Have not experimented, with the " GPS NAV TEQ Maps " as yet. :shades: :drool:

Have not learnt how to, edit and upload to ' youtube ' as yet.
The ' QOSMIO ', is being returned to store for repairs.
So i have to wait, on what the rental firm decides to do.
They have two options:

(1) Fix it properly. If it is not feasible, number 2 is their other procedure.
(2) I want a brand new, replacement laptop of equal specifications.
If not, " FLEXIRENT" will never see me, as a potential future customer

Anyway the store manager, plus my tech said they would back me up.

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Congratulations on your new device stone.

I do have a question for you though. Has the cook seen it or are you sharing the dog house with Camus??? :confused:

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Good luck and have fun with it stone :yes: I hope the cook doesn't mind your new toy :D
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