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I'm moving to Canada in June-my 2001 Mazda Tribute LX-V6 was purchased in Ohio, U.S.

My question is, can I purchase a new instrument cluster using the metric system and have a dealer instal it in my Tribute. I'm aware that a qualified dealer has to instal it to certify the distance travelled.
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It is actually illegal in Ontario to swap Imperial for Metric guages or the other way around. Leave them alone....cops in Ontario are not as radar happy as they are in the states anyway so just go with the flow.

The speed limit is only 100km/hr on expressways (62mph) but 120-130 (75-80mph) is the regular flow of traffic and the cops generally know that...except on the 30th of the month, of course....

The only thing you may have to do to an Escape is get Daytime Running Lights fitted as they have been law in Canada since 1989. But that may only apply to cars being imported by Canadians, not being brought in by an American. You will have to get it safety checked to get plates but that is no different than US DMV inspections.
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