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So I was wondering through Wally tonight, needed a spark plug from my lawn mower (didn't know there was like 6-8 different sizes!) Anyway I thought since I'm in this section I'll grab a set of blades for li'l blue as she's now 18mos old & I haven't replaced them yet. And to my suprise there's a $10 off/pair! :yahoo:

Go to the site listed on the sticker on the wiper package and it says it's valid 9/15-12/15, so I hope I get it (as today is 9/14)

We'll see; but wanted to pass along the savings!

PS, any way of getting EC's e-mail through SBC/Yahoo's spam filter? I keep adding it to my address book, but it seems every notifaction is from a slightly different domain... :confused:
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Is wallyworld a tearm of enderarment for WalMart over there? :)
Comprehend. Thanks. :) Post of bereavement. I like that. :lol:
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