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Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate

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The aesthetics of Vista is great! But sadly I ran into a lot of problems.

1st...DRIVERS This is always an issue. I can't get any programs to run on my machine that I regularly use. I am in the process of reinstalling XP on my machine right now :)

2nd Memory Hog! This OS uses tooooo much memory. Whenever I would look at the stats of my machine it was constantly working harder than it should.

3rd User Account Control is annoying! Everytime you click on something, Vista asks you if you want to open that item. Well DUH!?!? Isn't that why I clicked on it in the first place?

Overall..PITA. Stick to XP :p
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abide01 said:
oh,ok. my view about people who write viruses, is that they should be hunted down, tarred and feathered, castrated,drawn and quartered, and whatever other medeveal torture [email protected] you can dream of. :cuss:
Agreed... but add those that write spyware and those that sneak it onto computers... :rant: :cuss:
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