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Mighty Red HD Radio

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This was a gift for me at Christmas. Evidently this was being marketed to radio industry employees to cheaply evalulate HD radio. I believe they cost $35.

It's called the Mighty Red and it is a small HD radio tuner that you use with headphones. I bought an adapter and plugged it into the auxillary input of my Escape's stereo. I had to unplug my iPod. For some reason Sync doesn't let you plug something into USB and Aux at the same time.

I spent Christmas in Austin, TX and there were lots of HD radio stations. The Might Red has good reception and I was able to tune in nearly a dozen stations. The video-like display is great and shows you all kinds of information related to the station or the music that's playing.

The only problem that I had is that I could not figure out how to save presets.

It sounded great on my stock car stereo, but not significantly better than FM or Satellite radio. In my hometown, Lubbock, there is only one HD radio station. PBS, and I think I have that station already in my satellite radio, so I doubt I'll make much use of the Mighty Red.
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Looks like a toy that could be fun to play around with.
A lot of reviews rave about the sound quality of HD radio, good if stations don't over compress the signal.
Makes me wish there was a place to use that around here, nearest HD stations are in Detroit and Buffalo, both a couple of hours away. Sadly no HD stations in Canada. :(
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