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Hey guys:

So I just picked up an 05' Mazda Tribute with AWD and the 3.0 V6 motor and I'm looking to do some modifications to it.

1. Intake - My first on the list would be an intake. I either would like to buy one or create one. My first question is, are there any cold air intakes available that come with a box for our vehicles? From what I've seen, I can't find one that comes with a box.

2. Tuning - Since I have the Mazda Tribute and not the Ford Escape, what can I use as a tuning device for my Tribute?

3. Exhaust - I have seen magnaflow and gibson exhaust systems, is there anything else out there? Also, I see most people don't have their spare tire on the bottom of their car if they have an aftermarket exhaust? Will a gibson or magnaflow still fit if I have the spare underneath the back?

4. Headers - Are there any headers/full exhaust systems available for the Tribute? I would like to open the motor up.

5. Other mods - Are there any other modifications (bolt ons) I could do to the Tribute without swapping internals?

Thanks for all your help, this is my first post.... and yes I used the search already so don't yell at me.

I will be compiling a modification list eventually to help out new owners once I get some information myself and get more familiar with what is available. :rockon:
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