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moon roof

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what is everyones opinion on this? i found a wrecked 08 escape and can purchase the whole moon roof assembly out of it. my escape does not have one. anyone know how much im looking to get it installed? and as far as running power to it im unsure of? anyone have input on that or do i have a power cable hidden in my headliner? what about the fact of just adding this after the factory? thanks
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jpark said:
You won't be able to swap a factory moonroof to an Escape that didn't have a factory moonroof.

Factory moonroofs are completely different from aftermarket add-on moonroofs. Instead of the "sandwich" bracket used on an aftermarket moonroof, a factory moonroof is a different stamping from a roof without it. The outer roof sheet is stamped downward and spot-welded to the inner roof sheet and then rolled upward to form a "mote" with a vertical lip. That lip is press-fitted with weatherstripping, and the mote is drained by pipes that run down the pillars. Water can't get into the roof in a factory moonroof unless the mote rusts through or one of the drain pipes leaks.
Thanks for the moonroof lesson.....I didn't know that and that's good to know! :thumb:
Moon roof......moon pie......mmmm....brb!! :p
Yeah, I know! Gulp, gulp. :lol:
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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