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My '05 Merc Mariner...couple mods so far

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H I'm from Belize and here is my '05 Mercury Mariner. It's a 4cylinder, I wish it was a 3.0 instead. So far I've added vent visors, bug shield, 5% tint, 20% polarized windshield tint, shaved the dealer and MARINER emblems, brushed aluminum stubby antenna, smoked bumper reflectors and 3rd brake light, white LED bulbs to light up the rear plate, Sirius Sportster w/ color screen, brushed aluminum cig lighter, painted the gauge bezel to match the aluminum colored stock accents, and added 8k Bi-Xenon HIDs(not pictured). Lots more to come over time. Here are the pics:

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Very nice Mariner !! You sure have her lookin' good !!! :thumb: :thumb:

Welcome to the City !!! :welcome:
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