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My 08 & 07 Mariner pics

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Hi. I just joined yesterday. I thought I'd post some recent pics of my current (and past) Mariner. All I've added to the new one is 20% tint on front, and Westin oval, stainless nerf bars. I plan to add OEM bug shield (getting small rock chips already), and OEM molded splash guards. I'd also like to add the air dam from an 09. It's a Premier with Moon & Tune, 17" wheels, etc.

Here was my (previous) '07 2.3 FWD Convenience:

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I have to say I'm partial to Mariners myself and yours are looking good!
jpark said:
I think we need a few more pics of the Dashiner, too.
woah... i think i've been staying up working too long... the first time i read this post, I thought you were asking for more pics of Dasha... not her Mariner...oops... :doh: :bang:
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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