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My 2009 Escape in HD

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I recorded my car with my new Canon HF10. I think it looks pretty sweet.

Here is the YouTube HD link:

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Colleen said:
Awesome looking ride !! :) :thumb:

Is there a pic of your furry companion in our pet pics thread? :)
Thanks All. No, I'll take a pic of him and post it.
SilverAthlon said:
how do you like the HF10? did you do comparison before purchasing? What was the other contender(s)?
I love it. Yes, I researched it a bunch before buying it.
Couldn't get a better cam for the price. $620 I paid.

Better picture than the Sony's at a similar price AND it has an external mic jack which was one of the main features I
was looking for. Most if not all lower to mid priced Sony's don't even have an external mic jack. I'm a musician and need to record with pro mics so for the combination of picture AND sound this beats anything in it's price range.

Look at all the reviews on YouTube, CNET, Amazon etc. You'll find all you need to know about it. Here's one for you:

andjayik said:
sorry dude, dont look like hd to me.?
hmm do you have an old monitor? Could be that, or you have your monitor set to a very low resolution.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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