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My Escape - lots of mods and lots of pics

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I've posted some pictures of my 2006 Escape Limited on here before but never the finished product. I think I'm pretty much done with it as I've done nearly every mod that is possible (that I find appealing - I don't want to do rims because larger rims slow acceleration and the stock ones are pretty light). Pretty much the only thing left is the supercharger, and I'd rather save up and get an M3 when I graduate.

Also, one thing I'm proud of is that the car looks this good without having been washed in almost 2 months. It's all about the prep work - 2 months ago I washed it, used a dual action polisher on the car to remove scratches, claybarred it, and then put 2 coats of Meguiars NXT 2.0 Tech Wax on it. Once every 5 days I take 15min and wipe down the car with Meguiars Ultimate Quick Detailer and a microfiber cloth. The paint still feels as smooth to the touch as it did on the day it was last washed, with the exception of some bugs on the front that were embedded into the car at 128mph....

Below are the pictures and explanation of the mods:

First just a profile picture. You can see the Laird C27 CB antenna and the Wilson dual band wireless antenna. The CB antenna can be unscrewed in 5 seconds if I need to stow it away, and it fits perfectly in the trunk.

Custom Dual Magnaflow Catback

Laser Interceptor Police Laser Jammer (the black things in the grill) - I have personally tested this with several laser guns that the police use including the Laser Atlanta 2 and Stalker LZ1. I'll also include a video that I personally shot proving that they work as people usually don't believe me when I tell them I have a police laser jammer (it's LEGAL too, btw).


Here's another shot of the CB antenna and a front view. Also notice how hard the jammers are to spot.

Some reflection shots off of the paint. The Megiuars NXT Tech Wax 2.0 provides AMAZING protection. Stuff just wipes right off.

Here's a dash shot showing my Alpine IVA-W200 Touch Screen DVD player and head unit. You can also see the kill switch for the laser jammer that I flush mounted.

A shot of the door. Notice the JM Labs Focal Polykevlar 165 K2P Upgraded Edition speakers. The 6.5in driver is in a leather wrapped door pod on the bottom and I mounted the tweeter in the A panel. The massive crossover is mounted inside the door.

A shot of the CB Radio. This is mounted with high strength Velcro. No matter how hot it is in the car it holds strong. This is a Uniden Pro 520 XL peaked and tuned. It's awesome for directions, traffic info, weather info, and info about police speed traps.

What hides in the glovebox - 60GB Ipod full of music, Aux input for the Alpine, and the Wilson cell phone and internet antenna connector. I love the Wilson especially - I can get 2mb/s internet download speeds anywhere where there is 3G service with that antenna. It also boost my call signal strength a solid 2-3 bars.

Chrome Shifter Trim:

What's that behind the Mirror?

Oh look! It's a hardwired Valentine 1 radar detector! It's totally hidden from both rear view and view standing outside the car near the passenger window (in case I get pulled over by some chance).

Here is my remote mounted display and mute button for the Valentine 1. It's much safer to move my eyes to this display than the one mounted up near the rear view mirror, and this way the main unit doesn't glow at night so drivers don't tailgate me.

Trunk Shot - You can see the Zapco Reference 360.4 Amplifier that feeds 180w RMS of pure class A power to the Focal's. The subwoofer is a Cerwin Vega Vmax 12.2 wired to 1 ohm taking 900W rms from the Soundstream amp.

The floor and storage compartment I made. My car came with the plastic tray and the jack mounted under the carpet, which was a huge waste. I custom cut a new floor out of MDF since I wanted something solid to secure the subwoofer to, carpeted it, and made the storage compartment you see here.

And just for kicks and giggles....this was done on the runway of a small private airport that my friend owns under controlled conditions (speaking of airport I can't wait to get my flying license!). It was very funny seeing the speedometer needle buried WAY past 120mph. One thing to note is that are speedos are very innacurate once we hit those kinds of speeds. When the needle hit 120mph, I was only going 112.

I wonder if I'm only person in the world that's traveled this fast in a Ford Escape?

In addition to all of that, the car is flashed with a custom XCAL 3 93 octane tune with a bunch of stuff changed (+2 global timing, modified shift points). The tires are brand new General Grabber HTS, the #1 consumer reports and tirerack tire. I've also removed the roof luggage rack which netted me much lower in cabin noised and another .5mpg or so.

Hope you like it!
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Your vehicle looks amazing !! I can't get over that shine !!! :thumb:

You do very nice work. :)
sweet subtle mods mate well done
Thanks, subtle is what I was going for as I live in a really bad area. My car would be gone in 5 minutes if it looked like yours. I would have loved to do some more exterior mods but I can't risk it. As it is, I'm scared to death having a $3000 audio system in there and another $1300 in the jammer, radar detector, and GPS. I can take in the GPS and V1 at night, but the jammer can't be removed.
Wow, lots of mods and lots of pics indeed!! Looks great!!
Hello computerpro3. :) :hi:

Nice modifications there.

## ___________

Plus the escape looks nice. :thumb:

I comprehend, how you feel about the valuables.

** _ _______ ___

Thanks for the photos. :) :clap:
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thats cool!

what do you have plugged into the video screen in the mirror????
Where you buy the chrome shifter trim and the door handle ?
Looks great! I Like the Mariner dash trim you have. The whole truck looks great.
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