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I copied this from someone else's post on the Jeep forum so you will see some captions:

Coming down the green trail:

Gettin scooterunstuck


Warlocks showing his *** going down a drop

Scooter trying to avoid scraping his brand new hard top on the tree!!!

Then goes bogden in the LIBERTY WOOT WOOT

Warlock Crawlin up outta the rock exit!!

Finally sixty7gt FINDS US!!!!!

Here is a asphalt hill that was pretty gnarly (WAS IT SCOTTER????)

Here comes scotter up it after warlock made it

2 seconds after this scotter rolls back after losing traction and about rolls:thumbsup:

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Posted from another guy:

sixt7gt350;1044142 said:
OK, time for the awaited pics.

I didn't get to the Badlands until around 10:15AM.
I had to park back near the campground entrance, walk to the building, and wait in line FOREVER just to check in. (well in excess of 30 minutes) There were a gazillion ATVs there.
I couple phone calls to Warlock and Buster went to voicemail. :sad2:
I decided to hit the puddles and mud flats with the ATVs to get the Jeep warmed up, then head to the quarry to find the gang. On my way to the quarry, Buster must have noticed his missed calls and gave me a ring back. It had to have been well after 11AM when I finally met up with them.

After watching a "John Deere" Jeep try to burn itself up, we headed for the green trail.
First ballbuster was a dirt hill. Bogdan passed after losing traction. I followed Buster and we both were VERY disappointed that Warlock didn't follow. His modded rig was a sight to behold. He guided Scooter on the pass-around.
Next up was Scooter's Folly. As Warlock already mentioned, it got a little hairy. Once Scooter lost traction, the rear end started sliding sideways UP the hill. I took this pic after I heard "WINCH!" on the CB.

A few more twisties and we were back at the quarry for lunch.
Bogdan graciously offered everyone grilled hot dogs. Buster said Bogdan would be grilling, so I brought ribeye, but it was still frozen solid.
Buster exiting the rock face

Warlock cresting the edge to start down the wall

Buster taking a pic of Warlock on the wall

Micah and woodweavil came back from lunch with Warlock.
Micah got to see me hang my RF control arm on a rock while taking the hard line, which probably wasn't prudent with my tire size and 2.5" lift.
The wisest path would have been straight toward the camera. I continued the direction my tires were pointing. :crazyeyes:
(pic courtesty of emt_micah, taken just before I got hung up and woodweavil pulled me forward)

Micah peeled off and woodweavil stayed with the gang.
A pic of the gang after crossing the creek and coming up the hill.
From left to right, sixt7gt350, woodweavil, Buster's buddy Bogdan, Buster, Warlock, Scooter Scott

Time was getting away from us, so we headed for the orange trail.

Following Buster down a trail.

A pic of Warlock in a mudhole, with exhaust burbling.

Scooter up and over a hump.

Warlock down into the mud and up a hump.

Buster was goading woodweavil and Warlock. (woodweavil saw Bogdan's window go kablooey on a tree and his wife was a little skittish after that)
Warlock was called on as "scuba boy" to test this hole after Buster's RF tire took a quick dive and he wisely backed out.

Scooter buried, street tire tread completely filled with mud.
Warlock had a chance to play with his winch again.

Buster's and my Jeep waiting for Scooter to get pulled out.

The infamous busted window on Bogdan's Liberty

After this trip, I had much more respect for the capability of a Liberty.
Bogdan took that thing places I would never have expected.
The highlight of its day was pulling Warlock out of the mudhole Buster goaded him into.

At some point in the day, I was deep enough in mud that it was OVER my sills, soaking the rear carpet.
Cleanup is going to be a real b!tch, but it was a great day and well worth it.

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Hello Scotty. Congratulations on your offroading adventure. Good to see that fun was had by all. I like all of the photos. Yes, have to admit that i am in torment. Would eventually like to acquire a 4x4 vehicle. At the moment will not risk a trade in. Do not want to be stuck, with a bank loan and then be retrenched from current job.

It will be a pain, but i will bide my time. Will see what happens in future. It has to be a dedicated 4x4 car. I will definitely have a diesel engine. Yes, the silver ' Rubicon' was noticed. Glad to hear, that cb transmitters were used to communicate. Nice to know, that everyone had the attitude of helping out.

Truly amazing where all the jeeps can travel. That photo of your Jeep, with mud splattered along its side panels looks good. :) :thumb: I know exactly my escape ,would not manage the trails you were on. Me would have a thorough blast, in a region like that. Obviously i would need to have a proper 4x4 car.

Can imagine everyone, possibly had to select their high and low ratio, depending on the situation.

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Hay Scott,

1. I can see why you got a jeep with a place like that to run in and friends to go with...

2. You REALLY need suitable tires dude for that terrain

3. I'm surprised the door seals aren't good enough to keep the mud out. JEEP should have this figured out by now.

4. Really nice shots and looks like good times ahead. Have fun and be safe out there.


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Sweet pics Scotty! You definitely need to get those new tires sooner than later. It'll be nice to see new off-roadin' pics when you get them :thumb:

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I really like your Jeep's color! :thumb: :thumb: Glad u are enjoying your new ride!! :D
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