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My JDM Tribute ;)

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;) :yes:


:beer: :D
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Wow, that looks blingy! :shades: Me likey!!
Thanks for posting your pics!! :beer:
Really nice looking Trib you've got there. Those headlamps look really great. I also wish I had those courtesy lights underneath the doors.
Hello drewverde. :hi: Thanks for your car photos. You have a stylish looking tribute there. :) :thumb:
Now that's what I call making it your own! Very unique, and nicely done. Congratulations on a fine looking Tribby.
nice ride buddy
unique but i like it
Most Tribbys I've ever seen I say have too much chrome. Wow I can't say that of yours. As I look at the photos I am torn It doesn't look like most Tribbys however there is a look to it that I kinda really like. I think it tells a lot of the owners personality. Good Luck :shades:
Thanks you guys! i really appreciate your comments! :yes: it made my day :yahoo: :popcorn:
u can hate me for saying this but i think if ur going for the street tuner look maybe the roof rack should be shaved or removed and whats the specs on the tires/rims? offset /size/ etc
:lol: :lol: :lol: :doh:
Hello drewverde. Thanks for that video and photo, promotional link of your tribute. It has a nice street image presentation. The blinking parkers set up looks good. Headlights have plenty of white light output. :) :clap: :thumb: :shades:
drewverde said:

Thanx Stone! glad you liked the vid :thumb:

Actually i had my hazard (Blue) lights on that time... my park lights were amber (JDM YO!) :yes:
Some recent pics of my ride... :lol:

This coming year hopefully when all goes well...

Carbonfiber Sidemirrors
Carbonfiber Rear Garnish
Carbonfiber Fenders
Big Brake kit

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Your Tribby gets my nomination for best street ride 2010!!!! :rockon:
that is one badazz tribute

where did you find all those parts for the tibby?? headlights hood lip kit
@US MARINER 1 - Thanks man
@Surfscape - Thanks Bud :beer:
@svtnos - Well most of the parts i got on my ride are one-off :yes: Thanks for the comment man :thumb:
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