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My "New" 2018 Escape Titainum

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I just bought a 2018 Escape Titanium 2.0L 4WD in irresistible Ruby Red!
The Ti is going to replace my 2008 Ranger FX4 which is getting a bit long in the tooth.

The one question I have is; How to disable the seatbelt chimes?
I remember that I did it with my '84 E-150,but I have no memory of the details so any help will be appreciated.


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I don't think the steps in the owners manual are 100% correct, but it might just be my interpretation of the steps, seems to be the same as my 2017 Escape. I did it just to test, I don't have any reason to actually disable it.

The steps are in the section for the warning chime for Belt-Minder.
  1. start with whatever belt you are doing this with unbuckled
  2. with the park brake on, vehicle in park, turn the key to on but don't start it
  3. wait approximately 1 minute for the seat belt light in the left pod to go out
  4. wait 5 more seconds (you have 60 seconds to perform the following, slowish is better)
  5. buckle the belt, wait a few seconds, unbuckle the belt
  6. wait a few seconds, then repeat step 5 two more times until the seat belt light comes back on (I think I had to do more than 3 cycles)
  7. once the light is back on, buckle and unbuckle it again
  8. if the seat belt light is flashing, you have toggled the state (if it was on, it is now off)
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