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Ford Escape 2022 PHEV Titanium in Carbonized Gray
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My new car as of 10/26/2022 is an Escape PHEV 2020 Titanium in Carbonized Gray

I am very pleased with the vehicle the way is rides and overall performance

Time will tell how the performs over time

I traded in Chev 2013 Volt PHEV with 120,000 KM
It was also very good vehicle with basically NO issues over my 10 years of ownership from new

Why did I trade it in
The car needed a brake job, new winter and summer tires, the right axle shaft was clicking
loudly on hard right turns.
If the batteries failed it is a 15K$ item, not worth it on a car valued at 10k$

What features did my Volt have that are NOT in my new Escape PHEV
Interesting point all these features were added by GM shortly after I purchased my VOLT
So maybe Ford should add them as they are all software

In order of how I miss them

Auto Lock the car when you walk away in a parking lot

The engine runs at 0 C or 32 F degrees. The volt had second setting for -10 C or 15 F
Why is this nice ? You are making quick trip to the store say 10KM and -2 C the engine runs
Why ? when batteries are full and you have all the heat you need

One pedal drive mode. Lift the throttle pedal and car goes into high battery regeneration
and just about stops. You drive car like golf car, only using the brakes for final stop

Very pleased with the new car !

Any question please let me know
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