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My New (to me) 2010 Mustang GT :-)

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I purchased a slightly used (2550 miles) 2010 Mustang GT last week. I've been looking seriously since June but finally found one last week in my price range with the options I wanted. I posted a few pics in the "My Day Went" thread but was told I "needed" to make a separate thread. So here it is. Unfortunately with the Holiday and the lousy weather, I haven't had a chance to get any decent photos. For now, I will just present the photos from the dealerships ad. Here is the exterior:

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jpark said:
BTW, Tang and I want the LED modules in your tail lamps.

I already have them.


Beautiful car, btw. I don't care what angle you look at the Mustang, I still think it's prettier than the Camaro. The first one that you took outside your house, in particular, is a greant angle.
2010s use 5-speed autos. The 2011s+ use a six.
RobtRoma said:
Tang is correct. 2010 has the 5 speed auto. 2011 has the 6 speed.

I have no idea what the designation for either transmission is. I haven't had a chance to delve into any details about the car yet. I would guess the 2010 trans is the same as the one in the '09 Mustangs since they didn't really change the drivetrain until 2011...
According to the all-knowing Wikipedia...

6 speed manual: TR-6060 Getrag / Ford MT82
6 speed auto: 6R80

The TR-6060 is actually quite popular. It's apparently also in the current Dodge Challenger, Camaro SS, CTS-V, and several (Ford AU) Falcons.
1 - 3 of 35 Posts
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