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I just wanted to add a few pics of my other rides.

This is my 2004 F150 Super Crew XLT. This is the first brand new vehicle I have ever owned. This is the day after I got it:

And here is it as it sits now:

I cannot leave anything stock. Here are some of the things I have added/changed:
18" FX4 Wheels and BFG Tires
2 Inch DJM Lowering Shackles
AirForce 1 Cold Air Intake
Lincoln Mark LT Color Matched Handles
Tinted Windows
Ventvisor BugFlector II
Custom Cut Harley Flames
Carraige Works Aluminum Billet Grille
PIAA Driving Lights behind the grille
Low-profile Aluminum Diamondplate Toolbox
Alpine CDM 7871 CD Player/Shuttle Controller
Alpine CHM-S611 CD Changer
Alpine 4 CH amp for door speakers
Alpine Mono Amp for the Sub
Alpine door speakers
Custom Subwoofer Enclosure with 10" DVC
Flowmaster 40 Series Muffler with 3" Chrome Tips
Line-X Spray In Liner
Husky Liners
Lariat Fender Flares
Custom STUD MONKEY EDITION Tailgate Emblem

This is truck is a little over 4 years old and has 24K miles on it (hence the reason I have an Escape as a daily driver).

Here are some pics of my older daily drivers. Here is a 1995 Ranger that I had:

Here is the 2001 Ranger Edge that replaced it:

Here is the 2004 Ranger Edge that replaced it:

And this truck was replaced by the Escape.

As you can see, I dont leave anything stock for too long (its like a sickness that drains your wallet!). I have a couple of more rides that I can add, but they are a little goofy.

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Colleen said:
Nice rides, monkey-1 !!! :) I like your camper as well !! :thumb:
Thanks Colleen! We love the camper too, I just wish that gas would come down so we could use it more often. We use it to go to Talladega, Alabama twice a year to the Nascar races (April and October) and maybe a time or 2 other than that.

I figured I would go back a few more rides and add more pics.
This is a 2000 F150 Xtracab that I had before the 2004:

Here is the 1995 F150 Eddie Bauer before that truck:

Going WAY back, this is my FIRST truck. It was a 1965 F100 Custom Cab that my father and I restored over a 2 year period:

Man I miss that truck.

Like I said in my first post, I am a DIEHARD FORD FAN! I have many more trucks (almost all FORDS, a couple of Mazda's) that I need to scan in and digitize.

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Scooter Scott said:
Do you seriously have an emblem that says "Stud Monkey Edition" cuz that is flippin awesome!!! lol
Yes i do!!

I had it made to look like the factory badge on the tailgate, its even domed like the other emblems on the truck. You would not believe how many people actually think its a Ford offered item. HAHA!

Oh yeah, if you want something similar, contact Steve at He does AWESOME work and will work with your artwork to come up with something that is totally unique.
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