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My Tribute [P.R.]

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Hello everyone, hope u doing fine.
I'm new here, so for starters I'm gonna post some of my Tribute's pics.
U can comment and also give me some tips or ideas.
Thnx ! :thumb:

(if ur wondering, they're 10K)

More pics and mods info at:
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Hey very nice tribute! Quick question, did you make those eyelids yourself? and did you use night shades for your tails? Also any sound clips of your exhaust? :lol:
Hello MidnightTribute, thnx 4 looking. The eyelids, I made them myself with the same vinyl tint
of the tail lights. I bought that paper at a Graphics and Speed shop, but you can look for it
in the same types of shops and also Sound shops.
And about the exhaust sound clip...I'm gonna make one soon, but for starters
it adds a mean growl to the Tribute. :thumb: I really recommend Magnaflow.
Cool thanks! I was looking into magnaflow for this summer, glad that you are backing it up. And thanks for the info about the eyelids, I think I'll try that soon enough!
p.s. can't wait for a clip!
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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