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Need a new headunit

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I havent bought a head unit for almost 10 years. I got a pioneer back then, I hear they are still good now. BUT I have 4 needs it has to satisfy.
1. USB port for external usb flash drive or ipod/iphone
2. Bluetooth for cell phone
3. HD radio(?) figure I should as the old stuff is phasing out sometime.
4. Be under $200.

My cobalt SS has the usb and bluetooth and I freaking love it, now that the escape is my DD and winter car I need something more than the freaking radio. I have a 2005 escape XLS no mach audio, 1 cd HU.

On crutchfield I see a Jensen, Sony, Boss and Dual. Ive never heard of Boss, Dual I think they made subs when I was in highschool. I have no want for an audio system, the stock stuff is fine.

Perfect fit:

Dual XHD7714

- HD radio, BT, USB, AUX, 1CD, $159

Missing HD
Sony Xplod MEX-BT3700

-BT, USB, AUX, 1cd, $199 but missing HD stock ($149 add-on)

Kenwood KDC-BT742U

- BT, USB, AUX, 1cd, $219. No HD radio. The HD version is $250

Jensen's BT1611I

- BT, USB, SD port, 1cd, music recording to SD or usb, $109. NO HD radio upgrade.

Missing HD and CD

Boss Audio's 755DBi

- BT, USB, AUX, SD, $149. Kinda cool but no cd and the ipod "tray" may break?

Any thoughts?
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ugh the Dual has poor reviews of its compatibility with the iphone and the sound quality on its BT... I may look more into the pionners even though they cost more.
Pioneer DEH-P6100BT
-BT, 1cd, aux, usb, $259, HD radio is only $99. Users said sound quality on BT was excellent and iphone/ipod compatibility was good.
yeah after talking to some audio nut friends on other car sites and reading reviews the one I'll get is the, Pioneer DEH-P6100BT

Its just $260 or so with HU, mounting kit and wiring harness. Figure I'll just get the whole bundle from crutchfield and call it a day.
which are you referring to exactly? how much? link?

The one I listed has the basics for what I need, I wont be using any sound system or upgraded speakers. I just want a usb and aux in the front and a cd. Nothing fancy, its just so I can have my cellphone hands free and play music off a flash drive and/or iphone and charge it.
I actually wanted it in the front so I can grab it and go quick. I was going to order a very small black 16gb flash drive and it then can be swapped between the escape and SS with ease along with the iphone/ipod cable.
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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