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Need help now with dash lights.. PM ME

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as the title says i need help right now my night time light don't work the first click the second click works to turn the HL on.
I need help right now because Im leaving its dark and i have not lights
I have a 2003
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help :censor: :cuss: :wall: :rant: :cry:
Sorry i wrote it quickly and i made sense to me then, now that i read it it doesn't make sense.

On the turn knob thing there are three settings (off) One click up (dash lights on, back lights{I don't mean revers lights} on and the front side markers) two clicks up ( all this dash lights on, back lights on and the front side markers PLUS the headlights turn on.

my problem is the dash lights, back lights and the front side markers don't come on at all.

I was driving the worked then i smelt a funny smell and i thought nothing then i looked down and the dash lights were out.

I checked some fusees but didn't find any blown
yes it was an electrical smell :cry:

I also don't hear the relay clicking when i turn it to the first click.
she at the Ford dealer :bill: I will update what the problem was. any one wanna put general bets down on what the problem was.
SO :censor: turned out being the euro side marker harness that wasn't connected because its a Canadian suv. Anyway I had the escape out wheeling a year ago and i ended up ripping the right wheel well plastic out that exposed the unused harness and with all the salt, snow and ice here in snow country Canada it rotted away at the wires and shorted it out. To sum it up I rented a car the partsss will be in tomorrow and i will have a 500+ bill to pay for having a little fun out in the back country. :bust:

Thank you guy :party: Your great
Yep, that's the main cost to get the plastic shroud. I have no clue why I am fixing it when I am buying the 2011 F150 FX4 3.5l in November and giving the escape to my sister. oh well
That didn't fix the problem was good for about 1 hour than buzzzit :rant: shes back at the ford dealer, they are paying for the rental car so I am not to unhappy. I only hope i don't get charged for the work again :S
Problem Was very minor the front right head light was disconnected when Ford was working on it and it sparked causing the fuse to blow.

As of today everything is working fine. Other then the oil pan gasket that i will be fixing when the warmer weather comes.
1 - 9 of 18 Posts
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