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new 2010

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Well, we have gone and done it.
We have traded in my wonderful True Blue "E" scape 2003 FWD V6 XLS

for a 2010 FWD V6 XLT.

I'm leaning towards calling her .... mini "T".

this makes Escape #3
My wife's is "Esmee"
2008 i4 4WD XLS
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Sounds like you can't get enough of these Escapes...
Sharp looking machines too! ;)
Hey Bilbo! Where in N.E. Ohio? I went to Brecksville grade school, but lived in Broadview Hts. Then moved to Orwell and attended Grand Valley H.S. (Class of 70) then Kent State Trumbull Campus for two years before moving to TX.
Cool thing the bridge festival. I used to cross them all the time when I was a kid. Seems like the state tore down as many as possible till about 20 years ago...then someone woke up!

I learned to love my auto lamps on a Crown Vic that I had years ago. Btw, I owned a 67 Ford Custom 500, basically a Galaxie 500 with a sedan body.

Not to be a wet blanket, but the mpg is optomistic on these things, but not bad. Maybe 1 or 2 mpg.
I think the drive by wire is correct, starting with the 08 model. But wouldn't swear to it. A reflash of the processor by a speed shop will loose the throttle delay. I think that done for smoother operation of the vehicle.
Still, 26 mpg with a healthy V-6 power is not at all bad. Even if the dash computer display is optomistic by 1.5 mpg. It's good for that kind of power on tap all the time.
Yupper! Everyone that I know with the latest and greatest from any car manufacturer is almost always 1-2 mpg optomistic. Mustang Bullitts in my IMBOC club, show an even worse disparity, sometimes up to 3 mpg too high. Guys are reporting 28 mpg. Then when they actually pencil it up over 10 tanks of gas, they find it's more like 24-25 mpg! :shrug:
Sure! :D

Not sure why it operates that way. M-I-L old Caddy is the same. As was my F-250 that had the overhead message center. :shrug: I always hear that they are optomistic. I dunno. Communist conspiracy? Looking at the world through Rose Colored Glasses? :shrug: Maybe it's calibrated with true gasoline and we can only buy that ethanol "enriched" fuel? :fan:
1 - 7 of 28 Posts
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