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new 2010

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Well, we have gone and done it.
We have traded in my wonderful True Blue "E" scape 2003 FWD V6 XLS

for a 2010 FWD V6 XLT.

I'm leaning towards calling her .... mini "T".

this makes Escape #3
My wife's is "Esmee"
2008 i4 4WD XLS
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Wow, no more Tru-Blu?

How do the two V6 engines compare? Noticeable difference in normal driving, or just under heavy acceleration?
Great writeup!

I hate those automatic headlights, too. We'll have fairly bright days here, with heavy snow, visibility about three car-lengths, and 90% of the GMs have no taillights on. First thing I do when a friend buys a GM is show them where the light switch is and educate them on proper lighting. :doh:
They do tend to be optimistic, but sometimes you get a car where it is spot on once you do a few manual calculations. Either way, 30+ MPG on a gasoline-powered V6 SUV was simply impossible just a couple of years ago. I'm starting to get an itch...

But knowing my cheap bastard ways, I'd just end up with a used Escort. :doh:
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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