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New ATP Premium Cabin Filter $5.00 Rebate

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I ordered a new ATP Premium Cabin Filter from The filter has a Charcoal media to help filter out smells and fine dust particles. The downfall is that it needs to be changed every 12,000 miles. The filter costs 13.00 but right now you can get a rebate of $5.00. Last time I needed one they wanted $25.00+ for a standard paper media and Ford wanted $30.00.
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You could also try doing one from the filters they sell at Home Depot. I made one for my Celica and it worked better than those they sell at the auto part stores.
I bought one from Pepboys today. It took like 5 minutes to install.
jw3s said:
do cabin filters make a noticeable difference? I work for a Nissan dealership parts dept and our tech only sell cabin filters if there is nothing else the car needs or to a person they think will buy whatever they are told.
YEAH! it does. it keep all the dust and dirt particles from going in your truck. Before I had put the filter in, my dash was dirty the next day after cleaning it. Now I don't have the problem. When I opened up the place where the filter goes, there was alot of leaf particles in it. That was blowing in the truck, I cleaned it out and put the filter on and no more problems. So it does a difference with it on.
oskerb said:
OK for the 2008 and up, is the filter located in the cowl area? I looked in the engine compartment and there was nothing.
It should be under hood right in front of the passenger side. Right below the windshield. If you pull out the plastic panel you should see a big hole. That's where the filter would go. Just make sure to clean it out before you put the filter in. It might have some dust or leaf particles.
oskerb said:
Thats where I thought it was, behind the plastic cowl cover in fron to f the windshield.
Right in that spot.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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