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New AVH-P3200BT Install - Update

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I received in all of my goodies today for the new HU install. I will take pics along the way. I may be wrong but I may be the first to attempt to keep Sync in an aftermarket HU. That is of course if the Sync module is located in the same place as 2009 models - in the center console. I read somewhere that the module was now part of the stock HU. Won't know until I break into the center console and center stack.

The HU is Pioneer AVH-P3200BT. I chose this because of a couple reasons. One the price was decent. I wanted a Double DIN unit that has BT, USB and Sirius ready. I don't use navigation although I can add it later if wanted. I needed a HU that had dual RCA inputs to (hopefully) keep the Sync functions using the harness. The other reason I chose the HU is that if Sync won't work, I still have BT, USB and Sirius and be able to keep my steering wheel controls. In the end if Sync works then great. At worst it won't work and I spent money on a more expensive harness. Either way I will have the functions I need.

The other reasons for the HU choice is that it has 3 pre-amp RCA outs. Front, Rear and sub. I will use the front and sub and use regular harness wiring for the rears and run the rears off of HU power. The fronts and sub will be RCA connected to my amp. That of course means I can replace the LC6i LOC. The last reason, albeit a small one, is the volume/selection buttons are on the left. I like that rather than on the bottom. So hey it gots what I needs. :D

Onto the goodies. I got the Metra bezel in the factory silver color. This thing is a perfect match. Got the PAC-SWI for the connection for the steering wheel controls. Got the Sirius tuner and Pioneer/Sirius connector to plug in the Sirius. My freebee subscription to Sirius ends next month so I will up it with the new ENS # on the tuner. Last is the harness. I have everything mapped out in my head for connections. The steering wheel control uses Pin # 18 and # 19 from the Ford factory 24 pin. The harness has both of those pins continuing after the harness plug in the loop so I will be able to simply plug in the harness plugs and not have to splice into the factory wiring before the factory plug. That makes life easy if I ever need to bring my vehicle in for any repairs. I can quickly plug back in the factory stuff and not deal with any possible warranty issues. Just peace of mind. Thanks to JPark for the schematic:

The build will be this coming weekend and I will post up pics along the way. For prep work I will solder/connect/shrink wrap all of the harness plugs and ensure all the colors line up. Also tuck away any unused wiring. Then it should be plugging in everything, re-routing the +12v battery power from the rear to under the dash for the Pioneer/Sirius adaptor (uses constant 12v and "remoted" through IP-BUS wiring) and installing the center bezel. I already ran new RCA lines and a remote line from under the dash to the rear. I should have popped off the center stack and checked for the Sync module but was short on time... Last will be the fun of re-adjusting all of the HP/LP filters in the HU, setting the EQ, blah, blah... But I am sure the sound quality will be HUGE over the stock HU. Plus I will have a better rear fill than the contoured nonsense coming through now. All in all a great upgrade...

Lead character:

Supporting cast:
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So a small issue and update came up. While mapping out the wiring of the Axxess harness I double checked all of the pins in the C240A and C240B factory plugs. A few of the pins in the Axxess harness didn't line up to what was in the schematic JPark sent me. The harness had auxillary pins that went to blank spaces in the factory plugs. Also looking at the harness something just didn't look right.

I called crutchfield and they looked up the vehicle. For me a 2010, base radio, no navigation, no subwoofer with Sunc has a new harness from PAC that just came out in March. So new even crutchfield doesn't have it on their site, but in stock. Here it is:

This unit works to retain all of the RAP features and everything factory wired. Plus it works with or without systems with external amplifiers (which translates to premium). Basically it is the new plug designed for 2010 models to retain EVERYTHING. When looking through the functions of this unit this stood out to me:

Retains OEM display when present. In vehicles that are equipped with an OEM external LCD display (excluding Lincoln MKS, Lincoln MKT & 2010+ Lincoln MKZ): All SYNC®, Bluetooth & Satellite Radio text will be displayed on the OEM screen.

Interesting. A working display on top of the dash? Another interesting feature is that the harness comes with a SWC output connector. That makes life easy to install the PAC-SWI I also purchased. No splicing of white wire to a 100ohm resistor etc. plug it in and plug into the HU. It even has a picture of the factory SWI and how to program it. Awesome.

Of course with a new item comes a new price tag. $250. :confused: . However the Axxess one was $149 so I will gladly pay an extra $100 to get it right with no issues. Should be here in time for the weekend install. Updates as I get them.
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That looks interesting. I don't have sync, but it im interested to see what info comes up on your lcd screen. Then i just have to determine if i want to spend the money and replace the wiring kit that i just purchased a few weeks ago.
I received the harness today. I started to take a look at it and line up the goodies to it. First off it is a PAC so it is much better quality than the Access one I will be returning. I plugged in all of the parts and mapped out everything. Basically the harness comes with everything you need.

I plugged in the SWI and it plugs directly in since both products are from PAC. No need to solder in a 100 ohm resistor and wire to battery/ground. All done for you with the plug. I also prepped a 12v relay to wire up so that the HU will play a DVD while driving. I really want it to play live concert DVDs I have. Basically the same as the video on Youtube to bypass the P4200DVD. I only had time to match up and electrical tape all of the wires to make life easy later on when I can but-connect and shrink them.

The harness has the 3rd plug for those with navigation or amplified HU. Also attached is the additional navigation plug on the right of the center PAC module. I thought I needed it for reverse in order for the HU to know the vehicle direction, but then concluded it is only if you have a rear camera. That signal turns on the rear camera if equipped. I will be removing that plug completely before installing since I won't need it.

I did install the HU into the new bezel and it looks sharp. Got all of my ground wires ready to go. One thing I need to determine is the extra ground that comes out of the main plug area. I am not sure if it is supposed to go to the HU or to the chassis. According to the pin chart, that is a ground from the factory wiring. probably can to to the rest of the grounded items. I need to read up closely tomorrow and see.

Progress pics:

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That is a gaggle of wires!! You should tape that up a little once you verify it works to clean up it's look. Sorry messy wires is my biggest pet peeve. I ended up removing any of the pins I was not going to use. Like for the amps (since I have the basic system) and the RSE.

I am so glad kenwood does not make you jump through hoops to bypass their units. Im sure wiring up that relay was not the hardest thing to do, but what is wrong with just having the parking brake wire grounded. Do they really care that much about our safety lol?

Get some pics on here once it is installed. Can't wait to see how that pac interface looks with the stock screen.
I hate wires as well. I just threw the thing on the floor to get a picture. This morning I butted up all of the stuff and neatened it up a lot. Took off the navigation plug since I don't need reverse and I won't be using the LCD screen that came with the unit. The relay was easy. $4 at the sound place. I can't wait to bust into the stack to see how much room I have and where everything will go. I also have the Pioneer adaptor and the Sirius receiver to add to that mess. But those will be under the dash somewhere and I will do those after I know everything works.

Looks like the additional ground coming off of the harness is ground from the factory wiring. It gets ground from the big pin from the factory plug and splits off to a seperate ground and also continues into the PAC unit. I want to run the HU harness ground and an additional HU ground from the chassis directly to a solid ground. Harness ground, HU harness ground, HU chassis ground - all going to the factory HU ground location under the dash (whever that is). All of them will be nice soldered loop ends and bolted in tight. Then a flip of the key and hopefully everything works...
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The update is Sync works with an aftermarket HU. Sort of. First some details…

I connected all of the PAC harness wiring to the Pioneer harness, added the relay for the parking brake, plugged in the PAC SWI, and got everything in order. The harness comes with another relay for a toggle between AV/DVD and auxiliary. So all of that stuff needed to go inside of the center stack. For ground I used the stock PAC harness ground which plugs to pin # 13 for chassis ground. The HU was plugged into that. I also grounded the HU chassis using the screw mount in the back of the HU. That was run directly to the dashboard chassis. I also ran another ground for the relay for the parking brake. That too went to the dashboard chassis.

Up next was testing the connections. The SWI programmed easily and all of my steering wheel buttons work. The great thing about the harness is that you do not need to add in a 100ohm resistor. Just plug in, program and go. After confirming that everything powered up and was working, I had to fish up the sub and front RCA, remote and BT microphone from below. I connected the new RCA and pulled the LC6i LOC. Now direct RCA for fronts and sub and direct remote from the HU to amp. Now I had everything physically working and I needed to figure out how to cram it all in there. I placed the main PAC harness directly under the dash bar as it was really the only place I could. Used leftover double sided sticky Velcro from the soundproofing project. Then the PAC SWI and one relay velcro'd to that. It made for a nice easy spot to mount out of the way. I tied back the mess and cleaned it up a little before installing the HU in.

The verdict. Everything powers up perfectly. RAP feature is still in tact. Sync does work but there is no factory voice - no Sync lady??. When I press the Sync button on the wheel, the dash up top does work just like it used to, except no voice. I can say "USB" and it goes right to the USB and starts playing. For the sound to actually work, just switch to AV on the HU and there is the sound. So Sync works, just no voice. My voice commands Sync just like it used to. As long as you say the right commands, it works.

I need to investigate why there is no voice. I can play audio just fine but there is no Sync voice. Also my BT through Sync does not work (which I figured) so I am glad I got a built-in BT model HU. A quick disconnect from Sync and connect to the new HU makes it just the same. At least I have everything I wanted. The HU is great with tons of great features like EQ, sub settings, HP/LP filters, etc. Plus it just sounds amazing.

I guess I need a FM antenna adaptor to plug in the factory one to the HU. Completely different plug and size. The Sirius antenna I took off the plastic housing to the L-bend metal plug which will go to the Sirius receiver. I didn't have time to mount the Sirius stuff. Just need to run power, ground and plug in the IP-Bus plug. I will get to that this week.

Wiring the mess:

In place before tying it up:

Finished product. Note the top display of running USB from the factory plug.

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So I dont have SYNC but I am guessing that the PAC helps with keeping it all compatible with an after market HU? :confused:
PAC (Pacific Audio) makes tons of adapters. They make one for yours as well. With Sync the harness is a little different. I just wanted the ability to retain the Ford factory plugs in case I sell the vehicle AND to keep my warranty in tact. No cut plugs = no questions. Then if I sell the vehicle, I can swap it back in easy. Plus I wanted USB/Aux from the lower panel.

I did find the adaptor for the FM antenna. I thought it was a Motorola type (old style). Nope. The new mini style. Found an adaptor so I will plug that in when I do the Sirius. For now I am enjoying USB, CD and DVD. I was watching a live concert DVD. I thought I was at the concert. Mind blowing.
Good stuff man, yeah I noticed that your center cluster works as it states names and albums as mine only states FORD ESCAPE.
Is there any other info that displays on the screen other then for the sync feature??
mentalcase said:
Is there any other info that displays on the screen other then for the sync feature??
No other features than Sync. The outside temp and compass still works. Bluetooth would work I assume as my BT symbol lit up in the text box before I took my phone off and moved my phone connection to the Pioneer BT. I didn't program the steering wheel phone button. All of the vehicle diagnostics will still work and display up top. Basically you have to know the exact voice program prompt since there is no 'Sync' voice. I still need to find out why there is no voice but the USB/Aux music plays.. Weird. It may be the order that I am doing it in. But I press the button on the steering wheel and command "USB" and it starts playing. Same with saying "Line In" to play the Aux. But both of those functions work on the Pioneer. I just like the thumb drive on the lower panel.

The other info that no longer appears is the radio station info. That signal travels through the plug that disconnects on the right side of the factory HU. It also illuminated the factory HU. That is really all that is gone from up top.
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Do you know if the stock Sirius will still work or do you have to buy a new Sirius "brain" for the new radio?
Ludachrls83 said:
Do you know if the stock Sirius will still work or do you have to buy a new Sirius "brain" for the new radio?
For my HU I had to purchase a Sirius receiver and Pioneer adaptor. I can use the factory antenna though which is nice.
I just ordered one of these for my Acura TL. The sub $300 price shipped was just too good to pass up. It is the non-BT model, the AVH-P3200DVD.
I had a chance to play with some of the settings today. I am really impressed with the amount of options the P3200BT has. I can't imagine what higher $$ have. I am totally stoked to drive it. I grabbed the antenna adapter and will be installing the Sirius stuff later in the week. That will finish off the options nicely. I will have everything I had previously for music interfaces and steering controls. All in all a great sounding system for the summer. Not over expensive and it sounds better than I had hoped. I was telling a co-worker about the install and said he needs to take a listen to Club Escape. :lol:

I am wondering what kit you have.

On the kit you notice any "blemishes" I have gotten two different kits. Different brands, and everytime tey have like missing paint right above the unit..

scott6003 said:

I am wondering what kit you have.

On the kit you notice any "blemishes" I have gotten two different kits. Different brands, and everytime tey have like missing paint right above the unit..

For the bezel I chose Metra. I did notice a tiny blemish on the face, just above the heat module. It is the same color, just a blemish where the texture is slightly different. I would replace it but I am not overly concerned with it. I will be getting some sort of dash kit soon which will cover it up.

This is the one I got:

Yesterday I hooked up the Sirius receiver, adaptor and will run the power/ground today. There was NO room in the center stack for either unit. The receiver had to go above the glove box since the factory Sirius antenna was short. Then I ran the adaptor all the way on the left side dash panel cover. The one that pops off. There was nowhere else to mount anything. Fortunately the Sirius connector wire and Pioneer wire are long enough. Plus I had my leftover battery wire that ran behind the e-brake assembly so I wanted the Pioneer adaptor in that area for ease. The factory Sirius antenna fits on the receiver, but does not "snap" in like the antenna that came with the receiver. It is a slightly different fit. I affixed the factory one using some zip ties so I will be calling Sirius today to connect to the new receiver and see if it works.

I did install the FM antenna adaptor and finally have AM/FM stations. I do notice a slight buzzing sound in the front left speaker when the lights are on. It is not speed or engine dependant - just lights on. I need to check the grounds and clean off the contact areas. Other than that everything works perfectly. Having the ability to I mean listen to DVD while driving is awesome.
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