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New Billet Grille

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So i've been away from the forum for a while. Mostly b/c of my job and working on my car. I recently got the windows tinted to 35% in the front and 20% for the rest. I put a 4% windshield strip which looks great! I also recently (today) just finished installing my new billet grilles for my '02 Escape Smokey. :wave: Next will be to get my new headlights and Rhino line the bumpers and side skirts. Here are the pics! Enjoy!

Here are the grilles. I got them from Street Beat Customs. They are the Precision series.

Let the demolition begin!

Before I started. You have to cut out the actual grille and insert the new billet grille.

After taking out the grille and started the finish work before paint.

First coat of black.

All coats and the clear coats are on! I put 2 coats of black gloss and 2 coats of clear.

Got the 2 bottom grilles in. Those are just drill and bolt on thankfully, though you could take out the stabilizer bars.

In and installed!!!

All three are in and done! :beer: It was a nice weekend project that really made the front end pop. I can't wait for the Rhino lining and headlights to finish it off.
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Beautiful new billet grill.
Yes it definitely , made your escape ' front end pop '. :) :shades: :thumb:
Most decidedly a visual enhancement.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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