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New Cargo Project- Revised

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I have been thinking of making my own false floor storage compartment. While I would love the idea of putting my sub and audio equipment completely under the floor, I realistically don't have any issues with my sub and sub box in the rear cargo area. Currently everything for wiring and amps are already tucked away underneath. The one thing I hate is that the plastic "tub" is a HUGE waste of space as a false floor. It is literally an elevated plastic spacer that has a small compartment for the jack hardware. I love the "wet trunk" replacement tub, but that really does not utilize the cargo space to its' fullest. Plus it is stupid expensive from the dealer.

I am pretty handy and admittedly a bit neurotic and anal retentive. I like things a certain way and I like to do them myself. I figured this winter i will start building a false floor (I will call it FF-1). I want to accomplish 3 things:

1. A space to house my current audio electronics. They are currently in the "tub" underneath the false floor. I want to access it easily.
2. A space to house the jack. I like it there and want easy access.
3. Storage compartment.

I want to have easy access to all 3 spaces. I don't adjust the amps very much but I do want access. Currently if i have to adjust anything, i have to unbolt the plastic floor (4 bolts) and remove. I want to easily flip open a cover. I also want to be able to access the rear compartment area without having to move the sub. Since the sub is against the seat, I do have room. I also want to make it secure, rattle free and as light as possible. For securing, I will utilize the stock bolt location that the plastic floor utilizes. They are there so why not. For rattle free, I will use proper materials in between the covers and frame.

That led me to work my MS Paint magic at lunch today:

This is a mock-up of the idea.

This is a mock-up of the wood frame sections.

Similar to 4thmeal with the angled centerpiece as shown:

For the amp compartment, I already have my electronics layed out on a board. Here is what the current set-up looks like:

I wil still keep the MLV and CCF as it is and lay the floor down over that. The frame work for the amp and jack compartments will really just be frame and floor - no sides. Only the storage compartment will be an enclosed area.

The jack hardware will be moved to the center. The large cargo area I may do something fancy like a carbon fiber compartment. My father in law is a CF wizard and builds stuff. he has a ton of CF sheets and rolls including all of the CF resins. I may do a CF box and then underlay it into the frame and really clean up the look with nice carpeting. I would only do this in the cargo area so I can have an enclosed rectangle tub as opposed to making a square section out of wood.

Here is a theoretical area of the compartment door.

So that is the plan. I need to start figuring out the materials and run some CF costs around. It will be a winter project so I will update progress as it happens.[*]
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Wow, you've got a great salesperson there! I however lack such connections, and am in the middle of my own false floor project. It's a work in progress, as the picture shows, but should hopefully be done soon. This is actually the 2nd version of it. I had a decent build before, but I wasn't satisfied with its strength. This time around it will be ROCK SOLID, and only a tad higher than factory height. The frame you see in the pictures will be covered with MDF sheeting, with access hinges and some other details.

I was thinking I'd have my jack under there, but I really like where you've put yours! I think I'll do that instead. Was anything about it tricky?

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Very nice work!! :thumb:

I just finished up my cargo project as well.

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