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New Double Din Power Acoustik Headunit

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Does anyone know what wiring harness I need to put in a headunit.
Ive been to 8 different places today and nobody has one for the escape with the sub.
The guy at BestBuy told me its the Scosche FD16B But it doesn't look like it would work, and I want to know before I order it.
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My new headunit

All I need is a wiring harness and Itll be in the escape. :yahoo: :rockon:
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I found the wiring harness at a small electronics shop, I went to or called 10 places before I actually found the right one.
But I got it all wired and tested and everything works, I just need to rent a dremel and cut the dash a little bit tomorrow and Itll be done.

I used to run 2 12" subs and amps and headunit all from power acoustik and in my opinion its one of the best brands.
Turned out to be a bigger pain then I thought It would be.
-couldn't find the wiring harness, Had to go to 10 places before I found one.
-Bought a Dremel to trim the dash, But it was broken when I got it, threw it on the floor and it worked, used it, threw it on the floor again so it wouldn't work and returned it. :yes:
BUT Finally got my new headunit in. :yahoo:

And My amp.

And My Sub.

Still got the factory speakers but they sound just fine so Im gunna leave em in till I blow em. :lol:
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andjayik said:
whats the model number of the hu?
Its a Power Acoustik PTID-5800
Its a good radio, There's 2 things I dont like about it though, 1. Ipod controls are not very good, it doesnt allow to select playlists/artists/songs it just skips around the playlist its on when pluged in so I gotta constantly dig my Ipod out of the Glovebox. Or use the RCA-3.5mm cord that you can see in the picture of the radio. 2. Its really bright, even on it's lowest setting it lights up the whole car, very annoying when I drive 6 hours up to Minneapolis in the dark every month or so.
ya it has a mini usb jack on the front
yea, I just made an adapter out of a female usb and mini usb cord I had laying around.
otherwise Ive seen em at wallmart for $5.
I got mine for $140, the friend I got it from paid $380 for it, then totaled the car it was in and it didnt fit in his new one.
It doesnt have GPS, or Bluetooth, or sirius, and I dont know if it can be added. It has 2 sub outputs, RCA outputs for all channels, A/V input and output, Rear camera input, disc changer input, Ipod input, and tv tuner input
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